Our Mission


Deliver Efficient, Complete and Easy to learn Products

We've been around! In business since 1997. Years of careful development, and input from our most valuable resource (actual users and business owners) are combined to deliver a mature, proven and complete construction trucking software tool for aggregate hauling, and excavation operations.

Provide Friendly, Live Training and Unlimited Support

We do not outsource our tech support service. If you have an issue, whether you call, email or use our live chat, a dedicated member of our support staff will work with you until your problem has been solved to your complete satisfaction. Learn More

We do it all - NO third party applications needed!

No Duplication of Data Entry
Checks and Balances to protect your data
Screens and functions built for Dump Trucks

There are a lot of great software packages out there that specialize in one area or another but no package can be all things to all businesses.

We specialize in Dump Truck Operations. Our system is built for it top to bottom.

With our program you will find all the functions, data entry and reporting you need, designed for how dump truck operations run.

The problem with using different systems to perform different tasks is that the data has to be transferred between the systems sooner or later in order to get a full picture out of just one of them. That transfer can be done electronically but is usually a manual effort. So there's the rub.

Duplicating your efforts is costly and even more importanly leaves a huge opportunity for error. Even the most careful human is subject to making mistakes.

Electronic transfer is faster but the problem here is in the breaking of the audit trail. All safeguards against duplication or ommission of transactions is lost. Updating and error correction of those transferred transactions takes us back to reason number one.

Duplicating your efforts is costly!