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The all important question of PRICING

What's the difference between a User License and a Log In?

A user license is a license to access the system. A license can be used by more than one person but not at the same time.

A log in is a specific set of credentials (usually user specific) that is used to log in to the system. When you purchase a HaulWare™ subscription you purchase just the number of licenses you will need but you can have an unlimited number of log ins. This works well for multiple shifts or part time employees.

Mary works on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Henry works on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Only one license is required because Mary and Henry would not need access at the same time. We would however want to set up two different log ins.

The log in is important because HaulWare™ records the user name when records are created and edited. Henry and Mary may also have different security permissions. Mary is in accounting and therefore has access to the banking menu. Henry is an operations guy and only needs access to bids and dispatch. Licenses, Log ins and permissions can be customized to your specific needs.

Monthly Subscription Rates
First User $ 150.00 per month
2 - 5 Users $ 100.00 per license
6 - 10 Users $ 75.00 per license
11 - 20 Users $ 50.00 per license
20 + Users Call us for a bulk discount